Cuvée Victoire

Premier Cru
Aromatic elegance

Cuvée Victoire Premier Cru - G.H. Martel&Co

about this wine

Blend :
- 50% Pinot noir
- 50% Chardonnay

Dosage :
- 10g/l


Green gold colour, the Cuvée Victoire Premier Cru evokies the spring, buds and fresh leaves to be infused with ample sap and charm: linden, verbena.
We associate it with a plunging natural faculty through the perception of the fresh and immersive character of the fragrances of flowers, cooking smoke and seafood.
The palate is soft, tender, welcoming, placed on an axis of delicate limestone tension and speckled gray salt. In addition, the yellow stone fruit with a juicy, then tangy maturity gives an elegant development into beautiful bitters.

Steamed fillet of cod with herbs, French peas.

Cuvée Victoire Premier Cru - G.H. Martel&Co
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