Cuvée Intemporelle

Sweetness and playfulness

Cuvée Demi-Sec - G.H. Martel&Co

about this wine

Blend :
- 50% Pinot noir
- 30% Chardonnay
- 20% Meunier

Dosage :
- 40g/l


Yellow gold, Demi-Sec has a lively nose, a certain clarity leads the flavours towards the fine chiselling of Japanese green citrus fruits and ginger condiment. The plant furrow is suggested by fresh and moist characters. The appearance of lemon and white seed fruit gives the first hints of fresh maturity.
Semi-soft with a controlled and integrated sweetness, the mouth offers the promise of these lemon candies, they are mischievous and memory of gourmandise. The clarity and lively delicacy multiplies the flavors of finish, tangy, caramelized blonde, syrupy and enriched with a bewitching tropical blend.

Roasted Bresse poultry, sage, rosemary and lemon.

Cuvée Demi-Sec - G.H. Martel&Co
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