Cuvée Victoire

Rose Gold
Limited edition

Cuvée Victoire Gold Pink - G.H. Martel&Co

about this wine

Blend :
- 40% Pinot noir
- 55% Chardonnay
- 5% Pinot Meunier
- 15 % de vin rouge AOC Champagne

Dosage :
- 10g/l

Maison G.H. Martel wanted to enhance the Victoire cuvées by creating three limited editions, a tribute to the original 18th century bottle.
The bottle is painted in its respective color with a tin labelling.


Amber rose.

Deep nose which initially condenses wild red to black fruits. Subsequently, with charm, sweetness and warmth, fruit comes forth in the form of liqueur or cream.

In a charming way, the mouth reveals spicy oriental flavors, white pepper, and fresh basil. The wild black fruit: raspberry and wild strawberry is distinguished again. The mouth progresses, is lean, lasting, and perfectly fixes the great palatability and the beautiful bitters.

Lacquered duck with five spice, stir-fried noodles with candied zest.

Cuvée Victoire Gold Pink - G.H. Martel&Co
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