Cuvée Limited Edition

Millésime 2012

Cuvée Limited Edition Célébration - G.H. Martel&Co

About this wine

Blend :
50% Pinot Noir
40% Chardonnay
10% Pinot Meunier

Dosage :


Shiny bright gold

Rounded, creamy nose concealing forest humus, brown mushrooms, cappuccino cream, oriental spices, cardamom and then fresh coriander. The flavour span is developed, intense and wide. Undoubtedly noble, dried nuts, mingle with the feeling of a large candied lemon and dried stone fruits: dates, prunes.

The palate confirms the brown hues, mocha coffee, salted butter caramel, cocoa bean and the generous intensity of candied lemon. The balance between these indicators of evolution and the internal chalky precision is succulent. The keystone of the salivating axis is salient as is the brilliant finish, slender and very stony.

Roast veal chop with dates, caramelized juice, chanterelles in semi-salted butter.

Cuvée Limited Edition Célébration - G.H. Martel&Co
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